Helpful templates and infographics to make your life easier when marketing your company

Push Start Marketing likes to be helpful, we're called Push Start for a reason after all. That's why we've created this page of downloads and guides that will help you to manage your own marketing.

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Buyer Persona Template

Helping you to understand your audience and what their motivations are. This template will also help you set up Facebook ad campaigns.

Social Media Strategy Guide

Jumping straight in at the deep end will only end with you spluttering and gasping for air. Get your strategy nailed first off and you'll create a SMART marketing plan. Watch Lucy's video on this topic in our blog, 'Social Media Strategy'.

Social Media Effectiveness Report Template

Keeping an eye on the numbers is how to tell if you're doing the right thing, or not. It's also useful for taking to budget and planning meetings...

Content vs Copy infographic

Handy infographic to help you decide how to write that page, post or advert... Further help on the buyer journey is available in our blog: 'Content vs Copy - What are you on about?'

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Social Media Strategy Template

Be clear on your goals and how you're going to get there. Bring the team together and 'sing from the same hymn sheet', so the strategy stays put...

Social Media Policy


Ensure all your team is clear on the rules for using social media FOR work and AT work... This template was taken from the blog '12 things to include in your social media policy.'

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