It's not just my Mum that doesn't know what marketing is and how we 'do it' 

Marketing is about communicating the value of a product, service or brand to customers or consumers for the purpose of promoting or selling that product, service, or brand. (Wikipedia)


Marketing to us is about putting your customer or client at the heart of everything you do. Not pushing sales but creating a longer term 'pull' that will help establish the brand and then a relationship between that brand, company, product and the customer. 


What makes it so confusing to some is that marketing comes in many forms and can be used in many ways. Because of this, strategy and planning are vital. 


1. Who are your customers?

2. What do you want to tell them?

3. What do they want to hear?

4. How can we communicate that?

5. How will we measure it?

6. What are you doing already?

7. Is it working?

8. What follow-up is happening

9. Who'll do what? 

10. Will the questions never end?

Getting to grips with your marketing. A marketing audit or MOT.


Managing the broad sphere of marketing what it is, how to do it, and what to expect from it, can be daunting and is an extremely challenging role. Most of our clients just want to take a small bite of the apple, a logo, a brochure, emails or press relations but for those clients who want to look at their marketing in its entirety we can complete:


1. A marketing audit and then put a clear plan in place, if required. A full day to really dig deep, create a plan and send you on your way 

2. Once the day is complete we can look to provide the services you require and quote you for that

3. Decide on a level of support on site to help manage your existing marketing team and teach them the skills they might not currently have while working on the plan and goals set out in the audit until a permanant manager can be found.


Marketing is not rocket science, neither are the tools we use to pull out the information we need, or how we can build on that to create a plan. We try and make this whole process engaging and productive, otherwise, what's the point? 

What our clients think

Levent Giray


We contracted Lucy for 6 months because our executive was struggling without the leadership and support. Nothing strategic was happening and we felt the brand had lost its way. Lucy hit the ground running. Once we found a permanent Marketing Manager she assisted in the hand-over and induction process. She remains useful to us to this day with recommendations for the right external help.

Chris Maynard

Castle Minibus  

Lucy helped us recruit a marketing manager to work with her team to drive our marketing forward. When that person left I didn't replace her as it's more cost effective and productive to have Lucy in weekly, supported by her team. I have a marketing director & department at my disposal.

Richard Hare

Swan Fire & People Time

Lucy was recommended to us as someone who could help with our social media campaign. Wrong! She can do so much more. Starting with a day’s consultancy provided a great launch pad for developing our marketing strategy in a coherent way.

Abby White

World Eye Cancer Hope

I would definitely recommend Push Start Marketing to other charities for training and service delivery. They are an inspired, creative, and committed team who recognise the diverse challenges, skills and great potential of the third sector, and fulfil their work with clear focus, verve, and care.

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