• Maddie Garrett and Lydia Wannell

Push starting our experience

For the past week we have been doing some work experience at Push Start Marketing. Not only has this been an educating experience about marketing, but we have learnt about other aspects of the work place. The idea of going into the workplace, a foreign environment for us both, was intimidating however once familiarised with the concept of work we settled in quickly. Fitting into the Push Start daily routine and completing varied tasks helped us understand the true nature of the industry, and gave us a full range of clients to learn about and jobs to complete.

Advising the adviser

We started off the week meeting with a mortgage adviser where we took notes from our meeting and then went on to design a leaflet and new website for her, also brainstorming about other marketing techniques that would suit her brand and help her business get more clients. We tried to specify the type of client and work she wanted to attract, designing her corporate image to best suit the target market of her business.

Gain profit whist not working

Next we saw a business trainer where we were looking at how she could gain profit whilst not actively working, with a new video subscription company and using online marketing and social media to attract more clients.

Both these tasks were incredibly interesting because with this job you work with many different businesses each different and new, making the job constantly engaging with no sense of repetition, which we prefer.

Print planning

Whilst attending a meeting in which we discussed the content of the September addition of the Bicester news we were shown may examples of effective PR, whilst getting an opportunity to see how the magazine is created using stories of local news and events. This was useful to see the planning behind the end result of the magazine, emphasising the extent of work put into it to produce an accurate and informative product that people want to read and find interesting.

You are hired!

We were privileged to sit in on an interview at a business recruiting a new employee. This task was so informative, seeing the process of an interview which in the future we will have to prepare for. We were able to learn some of the do’s and don’ts of your presentation when applying for a job. This rare opportunity of seeing the other side of an interview is one that very few will get to experience and to be invited into their recruiting process was greatly appreciated.

Breakfast for 40

At an early 5am start we were guests at a networking meeting (BNI) where we had the chance to listen and speak to over 40 business owners. This was an informative part of the week, opening our eyes to the many options we have in the work industry. Giving a 60 second speech ourselves we were nervous, however it gave us the chance to inform other businesses of the great opportunity work experience provides for both student and employer.

‘Pressed’ for time

We also got a tour of a printing workshop seeing all the machines they used and how the final product is created to the highest standard and most efficiently. A client working there was in need of a new website and we were told the best techniques and what to prioritise to keep your customers on the website and to choose your company over other similar companies, thereby overcoming the competition.

The different aspects of this week although technically varied and different came together to provide us with a fulfilling and extremely useful experience, educating us on aspects of work and life that school cannot. These skills can only be learnt from practical experience; getting involved and trying the different aspects of marketing taught us what it would be like to work in this profession.

The marketing industry is massive and is needed by any business who wants to stand out and grow. When working here we have found we learnt skills we can further use in our lives. This has been a great experience and has encouraged us to consider more work experience in the marketing industry.


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