Copy writing and publishing

Websites, newsletters, magazines and books

We are exceptionally proud to produce several publications for town councils, including Bicester Town Council's Garth Gazette since 2013, Abingdon's Town Crier and The Whitworth News. 


All of these publications require different levels of service from complete production including research, copywriting, design, advertising sales, print and distribution to simply design and print of supplied copy. 


Web Copy

Web copy and content is the major reason that most websites are delayed. It is not easy to find the time to write for each of your pages and sometimes finding 300 words and understanding what and how you should write can be tricky. 


We have written copy for lots of websites across all industries, we do this in one of three ways

1. For you. With minimal involvement from you

2. With you. We sit down together and get your web copy written

3. After you. You write your copy and we will edit it for the web

Read more about website and web copy on our dedicated page

Tone of Voice

How you sound in any of your copy is important, your tone of voice needs to represent your brand and business. For Push Start Marketing we write in a friendly, tongue in cheek way, because we are happy that our personality shines through. But this style may not suit your business.

It's important therefore that we use the right tone of voice when we write for our clients and get it right for them whether they are structural engineers, contemporary romance authors or mortgage advisors. 

Brochures and Leaflets

Whether writing for brochures of leaflets the essential elements are the same, writing for the reader, what they want to hear, what is important to them.  

We have extensive experience in organising photography, collating product images and content for brochures and finding the right printing partners for an impressive end result. 

Leaflets are becoming an increasingly rare request, but the power of print should not be underestimated and leaflet campaigns still have their place and can be very effective. 

Town Council Magazines

We have been producing the Garth Gazette for Bicester Town Council since 2014 and have worked with Witney, Whitworth and Abingdon Town Council on their publications from type setting to content, design, print and distribution. 

Our commitment to protect the integrity of the magazines ensures we don't swamp publications with advertising, allowing for plenty of engaging and interesting content. 

How's Business? Magazine

Push Start Marketing published How's Business? Magazine from May - October 2017 as a trial to see if there was an appetite and enough support to publish a full colour A4 magazine for local business of all sizes that was insightful, informative and inspirational. After the 6 month trial we decided to stop production. 

You can read more about this decision if you're interested.

A snap shot of previous and ongoing projects 

What our clients think

Susan Mackrell 

Bicester Town Council 

“Not only are they a pleasure to work with but I know it will be delivered on time, within budget and without me having to

manage the process. A thirty minute initial meeting followed by regular updates, a final sign off and then reports on delivery

means this highly valued publication is delivered efficiently with minimal input from my team.”

Revd Dr Richard Turnbull

Centre for Enterprise, Markets and Ethics

‘Lucy and her team are a delight to work with, warm, friendly, incredibly responsive – going the extra mile. What a great local business!’

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