The feedback loop – where’s your ROI?

June 15, 2016


This story starts with our clients’ clients and customers. Last week I received an email from one of our clients who had a held a meeting with one of theirs. During that meeting a tweet that had been seen was mentioned and complimented. Our client passed this on to us with a short and sweet – “so, thanks for that!” That customer may have just had a smirk to themselves and continued scrolling through, they may not have had a meeting that day, but they didn’t, and they did – they remembered it and they mentioned it.


What a small and maybe insignificant thing to do – mentioning a tweet…

But to us, this is Push Start Marketing witnessing the success of the jobs we do for our clients. The feedback loop goes something like this:

  • You engage Push Start Marketing to assist you with your social media

  • Your customer sees the tweet, or Facebook post, or LinkedIn post – whatever it might be…

  • The customer makes the effort, not to simply ‘like’, share or ‘retweet’, but to actually say something to you

  • You pass that on to us

  • We feel invigorated and experience more energy and enthusiasm for what we do

  • Push Start Marketing assists you with your social media for another month…

But, what’s all this nicey-nicey got to do with the return on your investment?


How feedback helps ROI

Presumably you engaged Push Start Marketing to help with your social media in order to build relationships with your customers. That’s the whole idea of using social media marketing anyway – to build rapport, grow an interested audience and increase engagement with your customers - relationship marketing!


Getting likes and shares is great, getting comments is better, but when that customer makes the effort to say, “hey, I saw that tweet, it made me smile”, well that’s a real return on your investment. That customer will share it, will tell others and will come back, hopefully bringing others with them.


But it goes further than that. Push Start Marketing makes an investment in you too – we care about the quality of our tweets and posts, we want you to hear that you made someone smile, and we want to hear about it too.


Why should you pass on feedback?

The return on your investment is that relationships grow. Further down the loop, when the feedback reaches us, you get further return by making us work more effectively, more creatively and with greater clarity. When we know what has worked, we can repeat it. So you get a double return;

  • Better relationships with your customers and

  • More effective relationships with your marketing team

Plus, it makes us all feel really good! So, if and when it happens, that someone mentions something that seems insignificant – pass it on – witness the loop and get your ROI!


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