Social Media 121 Series: 3 Hootsuite tips you may not know about

January 21, 2019

I’ll start with a confession, my name’s Nikita and I’m new to Hootsuite! Although it is simple to use there are a few things that aren’t so obvious when it comes to getting the best out of the social media scheduling tool.


Tip 1: Adding gifs to your posts

After my first week of using Hootsuite, I still couldn’t work out how to insert a gif. I tried downloading them from the internet and uploading the downloaded files onto Hootsuite, only to discover what I had was simply an image. Little did I know that if you type ‘/gif’ directly into the content box a separate pop-up appears that is powered by Giphy. Here you can search for and add the appropriate gif to your post. Like this…






Tip 2: Using geocodes to curate Twitter content

Want to keep up with the latest tweets in a specific location so you can curate the most relevant content? Well this tip is for you!

Start by adding a new stream to your dashboard, click on the search tab and select the profile you want to use. Then add a geocode. To find the geocode for your current location, click on the little paper aeroplane icon or search for another location in Google Maps. The identifying code will be apparent in the web address. In the pictures below I’ve highlighted the geocode in a Google Maps web address so you get the idea.





Once you’ve found the geocode, in the box type: ‘geocode:’ and copy / paste the number next to it - then add ‘km’ to the end of numbers to determine the search radius. Once you’ve done that, click add stream and you should see something like this… Voila! Every time you refresh that feed you will see the latest tweets happening in that area!




Tip 3: Use Hootsuite Analytics

Hootsuite has its own analytics section for all the social media platforms on your account. It’s a great feature because you can see all your relevant analytical information in one place instead of flitting between each individual site. The Hootsuite analytics section also works well if you use Hootsuite to manage multiple accounts, as an agency. As you can see below, it’s a really easy way to see all the relevant statistics for things like engagement and followers. You can also see the stats for specific posts towards the bottom of the page. Scroll through the screen-grabs below and you’ll see what I mean. Please note that this is a premium feature and is not available on the free version of the application.




So, there you have it. 3 Hootsuite tips that you may not have been aware of. Hopefully you can make the most of this application, and if you do, we’d like to hear how. Send us a tweet to @PushStart_ or tag us on Facebook using @PushStartMarketing.

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