Social Media 121 Series: How to optimise images for Facebook posts

December 18, 2018

Facebook is one of those social media platforms where images work really well. If you have an image-based business, or you have a Facebook shop containing lots of product images, the images you use in your Facebook posts can be optimised to make the most of them. Here’s how.


The ideal size for a Facebook image post is 1200 x 628 pixels. You can use a tool such as Canva to create an interesting image (see previous blog ‘Blogging for social media’), use a professionally shot product image, or even choose a snap from your mobile phone if it is relevant and appropriate.


Create a Facebook post

Begin creating your post in Facebook and attach the image.

  • You cannot edit images in the following way if you are scheduling posts through Hootsuite.

  •  When you scroll over the image, you will see two option icons appear. The right icon is ‘edit’, which includes all the colour and text additions and changes you can make when you click the left icon, which is called ‘Tag Products’

  • Click the Tag Products icon and you will see a menu of options

  • Filters – as you would expect you can choose from summer, spring, fall, winter and other filters

  • Tag Products – very useful for those who have a Facebook shop.

Tip: Tag your products in your Facebook images and it will link back to your shop, and count towards SEO

  • Crop – straightforward cropping of the image

  • Text – overlay text, change the font, size and colour

  • Alt text – This is used for describing an image to someone with poor eyesight.

Tip: In image alt text you can add keywords that will be relevant to SEO, but make sure it is still a sensible image description

  • Stickers – you can if you want to!


Facebook image editing isn’t just for fun, it’s great for SEO too

As you can see, there are two areas within the image edit option that will help give your SEO a boost. Editing your images before you post them not only make them more engaging and interesting but can actually help your products or services be found online, outside of Facebook too, so I would say it is definitely worth giving it a go.


Tip: Since you want to increase your SEO and will therefore be creating your image posts straight into Facebook to utilise the edit functions, you might as well try out the schedule post function you can find there too. Plus, the Facebook algorithm favours posts made within Facebook over external scheduling tools, so it’s a double bonus!


I have created a short video of editing a Facebook image post for you. There is no sound, so feel free to play it at your desk!





Let me know what you think of Facebook image posts, and if you have used this to help with your social presence. You can leave comments on the blog, or find us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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