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Free marketing support for  charity partners

The Lloyds Bank Foundation offers funded marketing support to their charity partners.
I am one of their approved consultants. 
I'm hoping you're here to choose me, Push Start Marketing, to provide it for you. 

7 reasons why clients choose to work with me.

I've just elaborated a bit.  

Experience & Expertise

Over 20 years marketing and PR experience, starting in traditional and evolving into digital marketing. I have run my own business for the last 7. 



I want to make a difference in people's lives. So, I do take a genuine interest in you and your organisation to be as effective as possible.

References & Results

Client testimonials are where these 8 points come from. Together we've achieved great results and enjoyed (mostly) every minute.

Above &


Lindsay's words (below) not mine. If I can help with a relevant introduction, more research or a well placed call I will do it. 

laughing Lucy.JPG

Honest & Transparent

Nothing I do is a secret. I am honest with my clients & expect the same in return. We'll soon know if we're a fit, values wise. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

A money-back guarantee if you do not find time spent with me valuable to you and your organisation.

Highly Personable

You get me in all my consulting glory. Upbeat, motivated, creative and enthusiastic - on top of all the professional stuff. Friendly, patient and productive.

"Your polite but challenging response was refreshing and I look forward to seeing your proposal."
Nick Garratt, Managing Director
Association of British Furniture Manufacturers

daybreak logo.JPG

Lindsay Manifold

Community Fundraiser, Daybreak Oxford

I have been working with Push Start Marketing since April 2018.  We are a small local charity and we received a grant to do some work to raise awareness of our cause and services, and to increase our social media presence.  We spent some time looking for a marketing company which would have the right expertise but would still be small enough to take an interest in our organisation.  We have been absolutely delighted with our decision to work with them.


Lucy and the team at Push Start have been a tremendous help to us.  We now have much more support on Facebook and Twitter and have benefited from some fantastic advice on how to move this forward.  We have also had help with press releases, radio coverage, networking, design work and many introductions. 


They have been a great team to work with and have always taken a genuine interest in us and have worked above and beyond what might have been expected.  Their support has really helped the charity to move forward in many areas and we have committed to work with them for social media support now the grant has been spent.


I would have no hesitation of recommending Push Start as a marketing company to any other organisation.

Lyndsy Doyle

Director, APCAM

APCAM (Assisting Parents with Children affected by Mental Health) have been lucky enough to work with Lucy Lavers at Push Start Marketing over the last few months. We have met with Lucy on 3 separate occasions and each time have been extremely impressed with her knowledge and experience.


Firstly, Push Start have worked with us to identify the areas that need work, for example the hours we put in and the areas that need less time and how best to utilise the time we have. 


We now feel better equipped to target the areas that need work in order to make APCAM a success. How we advertise ourselves through various social media platforms and promote our work has had quite a considerable increase in enquiries and families attending our groups. 


Secondly, as APCAM is now a registered charity, Push Start have worked closely with us on strategies to help us strike up relationships with other organisations that have similar goals to ourselves. We have taken on board the ideas of how to generate an income and this is working extremely well. 


Lastly, with the help of Lucy we now have definite goals and objectives for the rest of 2020 and a plan in place. Our fundraising is constant and Lucy has helped us target the right audience.


We hope to meet again with Lucy to continue working towards our goals for APCAM. 

What's next? 

If you have any questions, or just want to talk something through, please give me a call on 07813 846569, or email


If you're already a Lloyds Bank Foundation Partner, login and let them know you choose me (hopefully), I get a notification and can then accept or decline.  

If you're not a Lloyds Bank Federation Partner and would like to be please follow the link below and get started with them. I am happy to have a chat with you in the interim if it would be helpful.

If you are a charity that doesn't qualify for their funding and have budget allocated for marketing then please feel free to give me a call to talk through what you need and if I am the right person to help on 07813 846569, or email

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