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Why work with me on a website?


  1. I understand what makes a good and hard working website and can translate that effectively for you, for Google and for a developer. 

  2. If I don't think you need a new website, I'll tell you. It might just be a few quick-win tweaks that are needed. 

  3. I will teach you what's important and why, so you'll understand where your money is going and how you can effect and ROI for your online budgets. 

My approach and how I can help.


Auditing how your website is currently doing and how simple changes might improve its performance could save you money in the long run. 


Having a comprehensive brief for a new, or changes to an existing, website will save time, money and frustration. 


Writing your website's copy is time consuming and challenging. I can write this for you, or with you, including all on-page SEO and metadata.


I work closely with a couple of developers and so can manage and deliver the whole process for you.

I work with trusted partners to build websites for clients, because I have 10+ years experience in website development, copywriting, social media, SEO and 20+ years in marketing. A combination that enables me to deliver the full package, as well as the individual elements. 

My role is to ensure you understand exactly what you want your website to do. I'll write the brief and help you decide on what pages you should have, the look and the feel and ensure on-page SEO is considered at every step. 

Naturally, I want to write the copy and help with content for your new site to bring it together in a timely fashion and manage the process for you so you can concentrate on what you're best at. 

Google requires 350+ words of copy for each page to consider it content rich, it also likes to see keywords and synonyms in the copy and metadata (all of which I'll write for you) so even if you don't want to see much writing we try our best to strike the balance for you. 

Writing Web Copy

The biggest problem companies have with a new website is providing the content for the developer.

The biggest problem developers have in completing a website is getting the content from their clients.​


Content; the copy and images, is always the problem. Let us solve that for you. 


I have written copy for lots of websites across all industries and I can do this in one of three ways;

1. For you. With minimal involvement from you

2. With you. We sit down together and get your web copy written

3. After you. You write your copy and we will edit it for the web adding on-page SEO elements.

I have written extensively on websites, improving DIY websites and getting the best from your developer. My latest blog is definitely worth a read (if I do say so myself) as I researched what developers wished you knew before starting a website project. 


"We recently used Push Start Marketing to help update our website including writing all the content which was over 10,000 words. Lucy came up with some great ideas to ensure that what can be a dry subject matter was written and presented in a refreshing and readable way. We have had fantastic feedback and are delighted with the finished product."
Nick Mason, Director. Wagner Mason Accountants Ltd.


Any of the above website clients would be glad to give me a reference if you'd like. Just ask.  

What's next? 

The first question I am usually asked is how much is a new website going to cost? 

You might not need a new website, I can audit your existing site and make recommendations for changes that will make a difference. Depending how detailed you want me to go this could cost as little as £250 (plus the vat), plus your developer's costs.

If you do want a whole new website, it again depends on how many pages, what elements are needed, e-commerce, a booking element etc. So, these are important things to think about and include them in a brief. 


The most time consuming element for a website is writing the copy. Google cares what copy/content you have and its quality - they want it to specifically answer the question being searched. Google ranks pages, not websites, so you need a page for each search term you want to rank for and that page needs 350+ words. You can research the best and most used terms and include them to your pages' metadata and copy (on-page SEO).


Ballpark, the majority of the websites I manage and deliver for businesses cost between £3-5k (plus the vat) this includes me writing the brief, writing the copy, sorting and sizing images and managing the project. If you're comfortable with that price bracket then give me a call on 07813 846569, or email, to talk through what you need and see if I am the right person to help.

P.S. The best performing websites have new copy and content added frequently and social media makes a difference too. This is where we enter the realm of digital marketing including pay-per-click and strong conversion pages. A basic understanding of how these elements can affect the performance of your website in the long term is important and forms part of a strong marketing strategy. Please read my blog 8 questions to ask before commissioning a website.

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