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I have been managing Town Council and corporate publications for many years and have a proven background in publication from brochures to magazines. 

If you're looking for someone to deliver an end-to-end service or just look after one element for you, let's have a chat.

I work with organisations to produce, print and distribute their printed materials


If necessary I can write the copy, collecting and editing it from multiple contributors, as with a town council magazine. All copy is professionally proofed before being submitted to mitigate any typos.


If you have copy written then we will typeset it for you to give you a professional looking finished project. We can send this to print for you or you can have it in PDF format ready to go.


I work with several printers to get the best price and finished project. I can then approve proofs and arrange delivery


I use both the Royal Mail Door-to-Door service and local distribution services. There are timings and logistics to be considered and planned for with both these methods of delivery.

I have been working with a select number of private and town councils over the last seven years to write and deliver their publications. 

We do this with an understanding of what they're looking to achieve and a creativity, consistency and organisation they rely on. 

Bicester Town Council's Garth Gazette

We have been producing the Garth Gazette for Bicester Town Council since 2014 and have worked with Whitworth and Abingdon Town Councils on their publications from typesetting to content, design, print and distribution. 

Our commitment to protect the integrity of the magazines ensures we don't swamp publications with advertising, allowing for plenty of engaging and interesting content. 

We manage the whole process, gathering editorial from all of Bicester's charities and community groups and the district council. Editing, proofing and laying out the magazine ready for approval and print. 

Once printed we manage the distribution whether through Royal Mail or a distribution company or both. 

The Garth Gazette Jan 2020 Issue

Witney Town Council's annual newsletter

In 2016 Witney Town Council approached me to help them with a timely newsletter that included a questionnaire and would also allow the recipients to respond easily - both online and via post. Our solution was a 4 page A4 full colour leaflet that's back page could be filled in, folded and returned with pre-paid postage. We also included a QR code to take recipients straight to the website online and also the URL. I am proud to say we are still producing this for Witney Town Council as our methods proved very successful. 


"It has been very positive for us, we have responses from across the age range – the younger ones have filled in online as you would expect, but we only publicised the survey after the leaflet drop had more or less finished, so the earlier respondents must have read the leaflet"

Polly Innes, Communications Officer. Witney Town Council

WTC freepost capture 2.JPG
WTC freepost capture.JPG

CEME. Centre for Enterprise, Markets and Ethics

We have been working with CEME and their writers, proofreader and publishers for over four years delivering a series of publications whose design variations were a concept we delivered with different sizes and colours dependent on the series. 

While this client has their own procedures in place for proofing, printing and distribution, we are very happy to help with the layout and design of each publication. 

"Not only are they a pleasure to work with but I know it will be delivered on time, within budget and without me having to manage the process. A thirty minute initial meeting followed by regular updates, a final sign off and then reports on delivery means this highly valued publication is delivered efficiently with minimal input from my team."

Sue Mackrell, Bicester Town Council

susan mackrell.JPG
BTC coat-of-arms.png

"Lucy and her team are a delight to work with, warm, friendly, incredibly responsive – going the extra mile."
Revd Dr Richard Turnbull, Centre for Enterprise, Markets and Ethics

rev richard turnbull.jpg

Any of the above website clients would be glad to give me a reference if you'd like. Just ask.  

What's next? 

If you're looking for a team to help produce, design, print and deliver a publication, or help with any of those individual elements please give me a call on 07813 846569, or email, to talk through what you need and see if I am the right person to help.


Although some of our publications are subsidised by limited advertising I generally do not take on the advertising sales aspect of these projects. If you need someone to sell your advertising space as a way to pay for your publication we are not the team for you. 

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