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The real value in working with me is what you will be able to put in place once we're done; clarity, focus, ideas, strategy, education, inspiration and motivation is what you'll get from me.  

It's a money-back guarantee if I don't deliver. 

What you can expect to achieve with a day's consultancy

Future vision

What do you want your marketing to look like in 6-12 months time. Why is this? What are you looking to achieve and what resource do you have? 

Quick wins

A review of your past, current & future marketing activities, successes, failures and recommendations to improve performance/results in the short term & the future.

Strategic plans

Identify a strategy to move towards your marketing goals. What can you do, how to put that in place, what's realistic and what resource you need.


With a draft plan in place how will you measure success and ensure you're improving and quantifying your efforts, so you'll know your ROI.

The first question I am usually asked is how much is this going to cost, and the second is what will I get?

What you're really concerned about is will it be worth it?

There is so much we can achieve in a day that if you itemised how much that would've cost you as individual projects you'd be saving a fortune. 

For example, one new business that paid £600 for a day's consultancy left with: a business name, strap line, brief and ideas for a logo, website brief including SEO and Google Analytics education, launch plans, content strategy and some basic social media training. They went on to launch a successful business and are in contact with me still.  

Another client of mine wanted to manage her social media herself but didn't know where to start with all the different platforms and had agonised for months over what to do, compiling a file of all she could be doing but not doing it. In three hours she had a solid strategy and plan for each platform that she was confident and excited about getting stuck into.

      "We have used Lucy a few times to help with different marketing strategies, most recently Lucy did a branding a social               media session with me. As a sole director, you can sometimes get “stuck” with your own vision and it can cloud creativity.         It was brilliant to gain a different perspective with Lucy’s enthusiasm and creative flare. It has given me a great framework           to use going forward." The Mortgage Company, Witney. 

The real value in working with me is what you will be able to put in place once we're done. Clarity, focus, ideas, strategy, education, inspiration and motivation is what you'll get from me  - it's a money-back guarantee if I don't deliver

Lucy was recommended to us as someone who could help with our social media campaign. Wrong! She can do so much more. Starting with a day’s consultancy provided a great launch pad for developing our marketing strategy in a coherent way.

Richard Hare, Swan Fire Ltd.

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gentworks logo.JPG

"Thanks also for the very useful session today. Stephen, Dan and I all agree it was extremely useful with your expert guidance and input."
Simon Pearce. Gentworks

What's next? 


If you're ready to make changes, get moving and really make a difference with your marketing but are just not sure where to start, I will add significant value. You just need to commit to putting all we discuss, agree and plan into place, it's one of the reasons my fee is what it is. I do not want you to waste your money. 

If you have questions, or just want to see if I can help with your particular challenge then give me a call on 07813 846569 or email

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